The project

An adventure with three dimensions:

  • SPORTING: Exploring borders and mountains by hiking, mountaineering and ski-touring.
  • HUMAN: Meeting local people and understand their history, their culture and their opinion about their borders. We always look for different ways to meet people (Couchsurfing, NGOs, local mountain clubs…).
  • ACADEMIC: Highlighting borders’ issues thanks to Border Studies. From an imaginary Europe without borders to other places where borders create tensions as in the South Caucasus, Iran or Pakistan, Borders Studies are critical. We’ll engage ourselves in scientific research about these issues by establishing partnership with local research centers, NGOs and we’ll write articles in different journals and the blog.

Our Goals

  • Climbing 15 cross-border summits which are interesting because of their borders but also their history and beauty !
  • Hitchhiking from France to Pakistan

Update: due to Covid-19, we’re not hitchhiking anymore… We take local transports

  • Exploring and explaining borders

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