The summits of the CBMT

The Alps

The Alps are the most extensive mountain range in Europe. From Monaco to Trieste in Italia, the range crosses 8 countries and gives the whole area a strong cultural identity. Although it is a natural barrier inside Europe, the area is a booming place with a lot of cross-border exchanges promoted by the European Union and also regional organisations such as the Alpine Convention.

Mont Blanc ; Monte Bianco (4810m) – France/Italy

Grand Mont ; Gramondo (1378 m) – France/Italy

On the French/Italian border – 4 October 2020

We hiked the GR5 from the Lake Geneva to the Mediterranean Sea in September 2020 and we climbed the cross-border summit « Grand Mont » between France and Italy.

Dinara/Troglav (1831/1913m) – Croatia/Bosnia Herzegovina

On the summit – 30 October 2020

We climbed the highest summit of Croatia during a cross-border hike between Croatia and BiH.

Halgurd (3610m) ھەڵگورد‎ – Iraq

On the summit – 6 January 2021

We’ve skied the highest summit of Iraq in January 2021! Close to the border of Iran, the Halgurd is a wonderful mountain in the Zagros range.

The Balkans

Ljuboten ; Luboten;Љуботен (2498m) Kosovo/North Macedonia

On the final ridge of the summit – 17 February 2021

We climbed the Ljuboten for the Independence Day of Kosovo. Albanian people from the Macedonian side and the Kosovar side met on the summit on this special day for celebrating Independence Day.

Mount Korab ; Голем Кораб ; Maja e Korabit (2764m) – Albania/North Macedonia

Mount Korab is the highest summit in Albania and in North Macedonia. In the summit, only the Albanian name is written, which caused tensions. Vandalism had been done in the sign (on the pic), people erased the Albanian name and engraved the Macedonian one.

Rudoka e Madhe ; Велика Рудока (2658m) – Kosovo / North Macedonia

31 March 2021

We climbed the highest summit of Kosovo by ski touring. As you probably know, Kosovo is not recognized as an independent state by all countries, which means that this summit is the highest summit of Serbia for some countries. Indeed, in a Serbian, Russian, or Spanish point of view, we’ve just skied the highest summit of Serbia whereas, in a Kosovar, French, American point of view, we did the Kosovo one. 2/3 of UN members must endorse its independence to be a UN member. In March 2021, only 98 UN Members consider Kosovo as an independent state, which is not enough to be part of the organization.

Hajla (2403m) – Kosovo/Montenegro

On the final ridge – 6 April 2021.

We climbed Hajla from the Kosovar side. Kosovo and Montenegro disagreed about their border in the past but they made an agreement in 2018. Since both countries work together for implementing a cross-border national park.

For further explanation, we advise you to watch « Breaking Boundaries in the Balkans ». A team of skiers went in 2016 for exploring both sides of the mountain and highlighted the mountain’s issues. Watch the movie here.

Armenian highlands

Mount Ararat ; Çiyayê Agirî (5137m) – Turkey

The South Caucasus

Mount Kazbeg ; ყაზბეგი ; Сӕна (5047m) – Georgia/Russia

Gora Khochaldag ; მთა ხოჩალდაღი ; Гора Хочалдаг (3428m) – Georgia/Russia

Mount David Gareja (866m) – Georgia/Azerbaijan

Mount Kaputjugh ; Կապուտջուղ (3905m) – Armenia/Haut-Karabagh

Bazardüzü ; Базардюзю (4446m) – Azerbaijan/Russia

Dalenper (3466m) کوه دالامپر – Iraq/Iran/Turkey

The Karakoram/Hindou Kouch

Broghil pass ; بروغل‎ (3400m) – Pakistan/Afghanistan